The Wedding Toast

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing two of my long-time friends tie the knot. It was the one wedding (out of several!) I had to attend. Reason being, they both met through me. I informed the bride that I had a poem prepared for the inevitable toast. What I didn’t know…is that I had been made the toastmaster. Luckily, I had a speech prepared, so to speak…

I have a tale to tell,
But it won’t be too terse.
As long as you can deal
With it being told in verse.

In the “before time”,
During The Myspace Age,
I had a friend I hadn’t seen
Much on the IRL stage.

She was whimsical and nerdy,
Talked a mile a minute, stat!
Her name – like her traits –
Simply known as “Kat”.

On the other side, a coder,
Musician, cyborg invader –
In human form, he looked curiously
Like actor, James Spader.

Kat and I had an outing
In the bowels of Southeast,
To hear the cyborg play
Synth songs yet released.

Between those two,
A connection was made –
Fempto-filaments of love
Were soon holding sway.

I received an e-mail that week
From the poor cyborg lout
Asking, “Would you break my balls
If I asked her out?”

Mere days after that,
Over an AOL chat rush,
Anime-eyed Kat chimed in,
“OMG, I have a crush!”

It was accidental yet planned,
Serendipitous to a fault,
And somehow I was in the middle
Of Fate’s new gestalt.

I thought to myself,
“I am not her dad.”
And I couldn’t say, nay
To the poor cyborg lad.

So here we stand (or sit),
Basking in their glee.
But for future matchmakings,
I will charge a fee.

Congratulations Justin and Kat. May your cybernetic offspring take over the world in due haste.

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Sunday, September 9th, 2012 Poetry

5 Comments to The Wedding Toast

  1. Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Laura Cole on September 9th, 2012
  3. How fabulous, a poet as well as a writer. Wishing the Bride and Groom much happiness.

  4. A Gift Of Tea on September 9th, 2012
  5. @Laura – You’re quite welcome.

    @A Gift of Tea – I thought they were one in the same. 😉 Thank you, Mrs. Poet. And the bride ‘n groom looked ecstatic last I saw them.

  6. Geoffrey F. Norman on September 9th, 2012
  7. That’s surely your first ever work without either a dream sequence or a vengeful goddess.

  8. The Devotea on September 9th, 2012
  9. Not the first…but definitely the first in awhile.

  10. Geoffrey F. Norman on September 11th, 2012

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