Work Rallies, Book Launches, Epic Nachos, and Facestalking without Finesse

Friday The Work Rally

When everyone else on the planet was enjoying Friday like it’s a Friday, I – and several others at my job – were toiling through it like it was our Monday. In other words, it was busy – unusually so for this time of year. Added to that was the announcement that we were having a “work rally” in the middle of the day. One that would take up about an hour or two; a lot of productivity lost.

I had next to no desire to attend, but we had no choice. It was mandatory. One thing many of my compatriots were looking forward to was the prize drawing. Raffle tickets were handed out to see who won an iPad 2. Shrugging, I also took a ticket.

I thought to myself, Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I – the Droid/PC user – won it. Then scoffed.

The drawing was made.

And I won the iPad.

You win this round, God/Fate/Universe/Whatever.

SaturdayThe Book Launch

A good friend of mine, Justin W. Price beat me to it. He published an actual book. Not an ebook (anybody can do that), but an honest-to-Hemingway, in-print book. To celebrate the occasion, he was having a launch party at a bookstore in the middle of the quaint little burb of St. Johns. Several friends of his were also performing poetry and music live at the event.

The whole time, I sorta kept to the corner of the bookstore by the food. One particular musician caught my eye, though – a gorgeous redhead with a voice like Tori Amos’s and Reginka Spektor’s lovechild. Her song “Imagine” really tugged at the ol’ heartstring. Naturally, I wanted to know more about her.

After her set was done, I did the only thing a red-blooded, shy geek would do. I surfed around for her Facebook on my phone. As I was doing so, though, someone addressed me.

“Are these cookies?” a feminine voice asked.

I looked up. It was her. I clumsily put my phone down and hastened an, “I-I think so?”

The continued conversation was awkward on my end. It was like being caught with your pants down. It didn’t help that the book corner I was occupying was the Young Adult section.

The final poetry performer was Justin himself, reading some poems from his book, Digging to China. My favorite of the set was “The Battle of Bunk Bed Ridge” – mainly for the childlike aspect on display. Before I departed, I congratulated him…then thought to myself, What was keeping me from finishing something like that?

Sunday Epic Nachos

It was Super Bowl Sunday, and I had to work for part of it. Normally, I could give two shits about football, or football-related events. But my friend JL throws an awesome party every year for said game. What draws me every time, besides catching up with old friends? Nachos.

JL makes the most epic nachos on the planet. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

It didn’t matter to me which team won or lost, Epic Nachos always won.

Many people were in attendance for the occasion – fifteen-to-twenty by my “beer maths”. As I devoured nachos by the plateful, I noticed a couple sitting in the large easy chair in the living room. The girlfriend/wife/er-something – Italian to the core – was being very highly sociable. She “seemed” familiar.

On a number of occasions, JL had mentioned a gal that was his go-to drinking buddy. I wondered to myself if she was the one he referred to. To Facebook, I went. I noticed that JL had tagged her in a status update, and I “investigated” from there. In the process, I had “LIKED” said status update.

Moments later, I received a friend request from her. I accepted. Mere seconds after that, there was a message on my Wall:

It’s been a pleasure Facebooking with you from less than 2 feet away.

It was the second time that weekend my attempts at Facestalking had been noticed. Clearly my FB-ing skills aren’t that ninja. I should work on that.

Or not.

Monday, February 11th, 2013 Musings

4 Comments to Work Rallies, Book Launches, Epic Nachos, and Facestalking without Finesse

  1. Teehee… well played to the Facebook lady! I would have never been that witty/funny in a situation like that. And, the iPad was just the universe trying to win you over to the light. Can’t you hear the chiming calls of “Apple” in the wind? 🙂

  2. Jenni on February 11th, 2013
  3. I’m actually selling the iPad to a family member. So, does that mean I’m selling the light?

    Hope not.

  4. Geoffrey F. Norman on February 12th, 2013
  5. i made epic nachos the other night! i think i could eat them for every meal.

  6. Brookelyn on February 13th, 2013
  7. I could do…but my morning after stomach might not agree. *heh*

  8. Geoffrey F. Norman on February 15th, 2013

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