I was encouraged by a friend of mine to take up song-writing. While I can’t say I’m a musician by any stretch, music does run in my family. For example brother has honed his piano skills with the help of that ol’ gene.

Mine…well…let’s just say that particular helix is underdeveloped. Or in a state of hibernation.

Said friend told me to come up with lyrics and the basic melody, and he’d help me flesh out the rest.

When I was at work one day, I got a tune in my head. The following day, I jotted the lyrics down. Took about an hour. Day after, I revised the lyrics after getting a few pointers.

Thanksgiving Day? I mooched my mother’s piano to practice the melody. My brother and cousin sat watching my kindergarten-line attempts to flesh it out. Snickering.

They were right to do so. The tune – while pretty – sounded off with the lyrics. Plus, I had a nudging sense of doubt. A day later, I realized what was bothering me.

The melody I thought I devised for the piece was to the tune of VNV Nation’s “Beloved”.

Beautiful song, but not my song.


So, back to the drawing board, I go. However, here are the lyrics for your viewing pleasure. I like how they turned out for the most part.

Hrm…maybe it’ll work as simple poetry.

Damn, still thinking out loud.


The road I took to sign my fate,

It bleeds away like a leech.

Looking on but I can’t see straight,

Peace of mind seems out of reach.

I try to focus.

Nothing to see.

Siren chorus.

Something guiding me.

Where are you, my diligence?

I misplaced you long before.

Coupled with my countenance,

Show this coward to the door.

I long for silence.

Deafen the screams.

Verbal violence.

Tear me at the seams!

(1st Chorus)

Who am I to hide?

To hide.

Something’s wrong with everything

When all my dreams subside.

Who am I to hide?

To hide.

Longing for my belonging,

I still have my pride.

(End 1st Chorus)

Walking with a steady pace,

Head held high, resolve exposed.

My path defined, I will embrace.

Cancer-thoughts will be disposed.

Shun the masses.

Listen to me.

Favored passes.

Apples from the tree

(2nd Chorus)

Who am I to hide?

To hide.

Waking to awakening,

This I will abide.

Who am I to hide?

To hide.

Savor precious severing,

I renew my stride.

(End 2nd Chorus)

(Repeat of 1st Chorus, Higher Octive)

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2008 Poetry

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