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The Official Announcement of Pseudo-Quasi-Awesomeness

Well, I’ll be damned, I’m all teary-eyed. Not in that “I-just-stubbed-my-toe” or “Daddy-ran-over-my-cat” sorta way, but rather something more joyful. I’m happy to announce, dear friends and Myspace lackeys, that my writing website is complete.

In late-September I had a bit of a thirtysomething crisis, a mere hiccup in the grand scheme of things. I thought I wasn’t doing enough with my writing, or doing all I could to try to get my name out there. Some years ago, I toyed with the idea of hosting my own website – a place to act as my online portfolio – but I didn’t think I had much to put on it. Two years after that inkling, and plenty o’ blogs and comics later, I have more than enough to act as a starting point.

What to name it was the second challenge.

For awhile I toyed with “Man-Tear Moments”, as in moments that make men cry; like the ending of Terminator 2. I even had a lit blog with that title, but it just didn’t click with me. When I rebooted my Myspace page, I informally retitled myself as “the lazy literatus”. Egotistical and self-deprecating…PERFECT!

So, I had my name. Now I needed help.

Enter my buddy Adam. He knew a bit more about websites than I did, and had time on his hands. He helped with the basic set-up. I also needed a logo.

Enter my cousin Jason, l’artiste. He and I had worked on a comic together, and he’d perfected a me-like cartoon avatar.

Lastly, I needed professional-ish-themed photos for the bio section.

Enter my gal pal Emily.

With all elements in place, all I needed was self-made content and a bit of a map for it.

This was my scheme.



While I was done doing webcomics for the most part, I still had an itch to do something similar. However, my strengths lay in blogging, not drawing or scripting. Then I thought, why not combine the two? Comic blogs – or “clogs” – had been done before. Rant-style blogs – or “blarghs” – were a dime a dozen. But a rant-style comic blog – or Clargh! – was uncharted territory. Still working out the kinks on this one, so it’s labeled as “Coming Soon”.

Reviews by Rhyme:

Review sites exist for just about anything under the sun, including the topics I was already interested in; movies, cartoons, beer and tea. Review sites that were done to the tune of poetry were nonexistent. This was a market I had to corner. Eh, I don’t have any ready yet, but I’ll get to ’em. Honest. So, this too is labeled “Coming Soon”. (Hey, the title starts with “lazy”, remember?)


I had a plethora of Myspace blogs, but a limited audience for them. Let’s face it, Myspace is where bloggers go to die. It’s like an elephant’s graveyard for elocution. They needed a new home without being called “blogs”. Thus, the “Musings” section was born.


This section exists more to appease my mother than it is for anything practical. She likes my poetry, so what son would I be if I didn’t have a poetry section? ‘Nuff said on that topic.


While I have very few completed stories in my authorial arsenal, I do have oodles of world-building outlines. Short stories, novel excerpts, brainstorms, and outlines all had to go here.


My brother and I are the most diametrically (and ideologically) opposite people on the planet, but we work well together. He’s a fully functional film student and AV guy. Plus, he does it for a living. I…uh…I write lots of words.

With our powers combined…

Nah, too obvious.


Okay, okay, there was a short time where I jumped on the webcomic bandwagon. I even suckered my cousin into my little pipe dream. The end result was Random Access. After that stint, I thought I could fly solo with my own strip, Fred & Red. The first was definitely better than the second, but I look upon both fondly. The products of our “labor” can be found in their appropriate sections.

Who knows? I may take them up again.

(Cue evil cackle.)


Now that you have a basic rundown, go play!

And be sure to let me know what you think.

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