Academy Awards

Quick Thoughts on the Oscars

– Every time Penelope Cruz speaks, I’m reminded of Latka from Taxi.

– I don’t know what it is about Adrian Brody’s face, but every time I look at him, I want to hit him.

– Sophia Loren looked kinda like an Ent from Lord of the Rings…with a wig.

– Nicole Kidman was looking blissfully un-Botox-android-ish yesterday evening.

– Every independent film or documentary last years seemed to take place in India. It was like Hollywood was outsourcing.

– Wolverine didn’t do too bad as host. Still needed more claws, though.

– A.R. Rahman won Best Music and Song for Slumdog Millionaire. And, boy, did he deserve it. Let’s put this in perspective. Any Bollywood film you’ve ever watched that was worth its weight in tandoori chicken was written by him.

– Heath Ledger’s posthumous win – while nowhere near surprising – was kinda touching, especially when his family went up to accept on his behalf. (Plus, his sister’s kinda hot.)

– Jerry Lewis accepted the Humanitarian Award…and here I thought he was dead. Zombie, maybe? He did kinda shamble.

– I’m not a believer in a “Gay Agenda”, nor did I see Milk or The Wrestler, but I think Mickey Rourke got fucking robbed. Sean Penn has already won it. Mickey’s had a rough career, he deserved it more. However, I can’t help but think that California politics played a part in this decision.

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